Types of Custom Mouthpieces

Custom mouthpieces have been valuable in many pursuits. These pursuits generally involve the use of air; as in musical instruments or scuba diving; or, in protecting the mouth and it’s many parts during contact sports including combat types.


Many divers have felt orally awkward. Fortunately, those feelings usually disappear when they purchase a customized mouthpiece.mouthpiece_c

A custom diving mouthpieces is a moldable mouthpiece that precisely fits the diver’s mouth, teeth, gums, and jaw configuration. This provides maximum support for a regulator and reduces jaw fatigue.

Every diver could appreciate a customized mouthpiece. This inexpensive and simple piece of scuba gear can reduce jaw fatigue, allay hygienic concerns, and help provide the framework for an enjoyable dive. For more information about these mouthpieces, visit a local dive center.

Combat Sports

Multiple companies offer custom mouthpieces for protecting the teeth and jaws during fighting and grappling. This type of equipment has become popularized with the rise in popularity of mixed martial arts (MMA) events just like the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). The average price for this sort of appliance has been in the neighborhood of $200.

Musical Instruments

Often, professional musicians use custom mouthpieces. They feel custom-fitted mouthpieces will make the best use of the air they produce to make music.


Many people have trouble with grinding their teeth at night and with snoring. Dentist and orthodonist now custom manufacture mouthpieces designed to prevent snoring and grinding of teeth. Often, snorers will have their tongue fall backwards into the throat airway. This occurs when they relax in sleep. The custom mouthpiece has a spacer at the rear that will hold the breathing pathway open.

Celebrity Joe Rogan has this sort of device made for himself. He says that the difference in the quality of his life is truly amazing. He says he has more energy during the day. At night, he says his dreams now in vivid color also.