Ordering a Custom Mouthpiece

Ordering a custom mouthpiece can be a life saver for a boxer or anyone else in the line of sports. To order a custom mouthpiece is a simple task. There are many great things about ordering a custom mouth piece also. One thing is that the mouthpiece you order will fit perfectly in your mouth. A mouthpiece is designed to protect your mouth and this is best done when it fits like a glove around your teeth and gums. Mouthpiece can come in different styles. For instance it can be one that fits either the lower or upper teeth. A third way it can come is to fit both the upper and the lower teeth. These are probably the safest of the three because it provides all around protection.

A custom mouthpiece that fits perfect requires care in ordering. Ordering a custom mouthpiece is also very simple process. In order to order a custom mouthpiece you first must have an impression of your upper and lower teeth. This can be done at a Doctors Mouthpiece office or you can go to a dentist or orthodontist and have them follow three simple steps. First tell them you need an impression of the upper and lower teeth. Next have them pour the impression in yellow stone. Finally make sure the doctor does not trim the model of the teeth. If you follow these easy steps it is easy to order a custom mouthpiece.

After having an impression made all you need to do is send the molding to a company who makes custom mouthpieces. It does not take long for the company to make the mouthpiece it is just a long time to mail the mouthpiece back and forth. Also it does not cost a lot of money to order a custom mouthpiece, in fact it might be cheaper to order a few at a time from some companies. This is all you need to know when ordering a custom mouthpiece.