Benefits of Using a Custom Mouthpiece

There are several advantages or benefits to using a custom mouthpiece. Initially, it is important to remember that dentists and orthodontal professionals recommend that all contact sports athletes use mouthpieces. Research shows that when not using a mouthpiece, athletes are sixty times more likely to sustain significant injury to their mouth, teeth, or jaw. This is an important benefit for all contact sports athletes, including those involved in football, hockey, soccer, boxing, kickboxing, and mixed martial arts. These athletes should never practice in any fashion without using a mouthpiece. Furthermore, research also shows that fully one-third of all dental injuries are linked to sports-type activities.

Another important advantage of using a custom mouthpiece can be savings in dental costs. Experts estimate a tremendous cost associated with these accidents. The dental costs can be as high as $15,000 per tooth if it is not properly cared for and re-inserted. This will also keep an injury victim from hours of pain and suffering in a dentist’s office. Another benefit is that prevention of injury and perhaps subsequent lack of care can prevent serious dental disease later in life.

Not only can a mouthpiece prevent broken teeth, teeth knocked out, or being loosened from its socket; a mouthpiece can also prevent:
•Concussions. A concussion is serious injury to the brain, essentially a bruising of the brain. Having several of these can lead to more serious injuries.
•Cuts and lacerations to chin, cheek, and lips.
•Jaw joint suffering possible permanent injuries.
•Brain bleeds or cerebral hemorrhages. I was once at a Toughman event where a guy died in the ring three times and the EMTs and MD brought him back to life several times.
•Subluxation of the jaw can cause neck injuries.
•Unconsciousness incidents.
•Prevention of bruises to the lips and cheeks.
•Face bone fractures, like the jaw or mandible and the cheek bones, which can cause face deformation.