Mouth Guard

A mouth guard is a valuable piece of equipment. They can meet a variety of needs, including snoring prevention, music making, and the protection of the mouth. Of course, they come in handy for any of the contact sports, which can include, but not be limited to: Football, wrestling, boxing, kickboxing, and MMA (mixed martial arts).

I recently watched a fight show where an improperly fitted mouth guard led to serious damage. Two fighters were involved in a MMA match. One fighter delivered a knee, assisted by his two hands on the opponent’s head, to the opponent’s mouth. custom-fitted-mouth-guard The recipient of the knee lost 4 teeth, most likely resulting in serious dental surgery(s) and requistite costs.

Several questions arise when considering the purchase of a custom mouth guard. These questions are focused around the cost versus the benefits. Costs of custom mouthpieces begin in the low one hundred dollar range to the thousands of dollars range.

Many companies specialize in custom mouthpieces. Some of these companies are available on the Internet. Dentists and orthodonists can make custom mouthpieces.

Some buyers even want a custom mouth guard simply for the artwork. One custom mouthpiece enthusiast combined a set of chrome fangs with other artwork to make a very noticeable piece of protective equipment.

Almost all mouthpieces could be considered a “custom mouthpiece” after a fashion. All mouthpieces need to be fitted to the mouth of the wearer. The easiest way to do this is expose the mouthpiece to hot water, then, insert the mouthpiece into the wearer’s mouth. The wearer then sucks, pushes, and bites to make the mouthpiece “fit.”